School Garden Info

The Greater Olympia Convivium (Chapter) helped create the Roosevelt School Garden, providing financial support, plants, and labor. In collaboration with the Thurston County Food Bank, we provided starts and volunteers to work with the kids at Meadows Elementary School garden. Our convivium continues to support school gardens by providing volunteers to work with kids in the gardens and providing plant starts as needed.

Over the 2012 and 2013 growing season, Slow Food also contributed to the development of the Tumwater and Lacey Boys and Girls Club gardens, teaching the children about the joys of growing, harvesting, and tasting food nurtured from seed.

Slow Food continues to partner with both the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Thurston County Food Bank (TCFB), providing educational support and assisting with specific projects. During the growing season, the Food Bank offers a variety of events and educational opportunities, including spending time with children in one of the many school gardens they support within the Olympia School District. The Food Bank is always looking for volunteer help. If we don’t have a specific project noted on the website, please email the School Garden Manager.